Membership Rates

Simply recommend a grant from your Donor Advised Fund or family foundation for your first installment or you can review other ways to give. Contact Sarah Schatz, Manager, Philanthropy and Social Impact, for more information, or (858) 279-2740.

I want to become a member of the Jewish Women’s Foundation by contributing a gift of:

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*Annual payment plans are non-binding expressions of intent. In future years, I may pay any outstanding balance by making a tax-deductible gift to the Jewish Community Foundation or by recommending a grant from my donor advised fund.

Benefits of Membership

  • Provides funding for projects that make a difference in the health, status and economic power of Jewish women and girls around the world
  • Offers opportunities for women and girls in the Jewish community to achieve greater influence and success
  • Allows Jewish women to support women-centered causes
  • Provides education on important issues that women care about
  • Builds bonds of friendship and camaraderie among a diverse group of caring and committed women