The mission of the Jewish Women’s Foundation

We are dedicated to supporting the Jewish community through innovative and creative funding to benefit and enhance the lives of primarily Jewish women and girls locally, nationally, and globally.

Guided by Jewish values, the Jewish Women’s Foundation creates awareness of the issues and needs of Jewish women and girls. Through the work of this Foundation, women are empowered as funders, decision-makers, and agents for change in the community.

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Sarah Schatz,
Manager, Philanthropy and Social Impact


What We Do

Quotes from JWF Members
Jan Tuttleman
Set your sights high and reach for your dreams. Be passionate, courageous and adventuresome!

Jan Tuttleman z”lFormer community leader, activist and Founder of JWF

Janet Acheatel
I love the feeling of sisterhood I get as a member of JWF: sisters nurturing and standing in support of each other!

Janet AcheatelJWF Council Member and Chair, Board of Directors

Marcia Hazan
Being a member of the Jewish Women’s Foundation and the Leadership Council has allowed me to act on my passion for supporting women and girls in our community in a more meaningful way through collective philanthropy.

Marcia HazanFounding JWF Member and Council Member

Core Values of the Jewish Women’s Foundation

1 Tzedakah

We value justice in its highest degree, preserving human dignity by helping people help themselves.

2 Tikkun Olam

We seek to repair the world by supporting programs and organizations that we believe will be effective in making lasting and systemic change.

3 Kehillah

We acknowledge and celebrate our diverse Jewish community, seek partnerships with our grantees and encourage collaborations to leverage strengths among granting organizations.

4 B’tzelem Elohim

We view every individual in God’s image, demanding respect for, compassion towards and inclusion of different perspectives, generations, denominations, and cultures.

5 Gender Equity

We support equal rights, representation and opportunities for those who identify as women and girls.

6 Empowerment and Agency

We give women and girls the power to grow and take control over their own lives through education, access, mentoring, and advocacy.

7 Innovation and Creativity

We encourage taking informed risks, trying new ideas, and getting out of our comfort zone.

JWF Leadership Council

The JWF Leadership Council consists of strong women with varied backgrounds and experience that support the educational and volunteer programs.

Judi Gottschalk, Chair
Janet Acheatel
Joyce Axelrod
Barbara Bry
Liz Nederlander Coden
Jessica Effress
Karen Helrich
Karen Foster Silberman
Marsha Sutton
JWF Members

Each JWF Member has a vote and each vote makes a difference.

Janet Acheatel
Joyce Axelrod
Melissa Garfield Bartell
Marsha Friend Berkson
Joyce Blumberg
Lisa Braun-Glazer
Rebecca Brewer
Barbara Bry
Joyce Camiel
Deborah Carnick
Liz Nederlander Coden
Marilyn Colby
Julie Dubick
Jessica Effress
Emily Einhorn
Claire Ellman
Jane Fantel
Judy Feldman
Pam Ferris
Esther Fischer
Elaine Galinson
Laura Galinson
Heidi Gantwerk
Hanna Gleiberman
Judi Gottschalk
Kay Gurtin
Naomi Harris
Marcia Hazan
Shana Hazan
Karen L. Helrich
Sonia Israel
Beth Jacobs
Jerri-Ann Jacobs
Sara Jacobs
Marsha Janger
Sara Kabakoff
Susan Kabakoff
Raquel Kramer
Lisa Kornfeld
Robin Layton
Jennifer Levitt
Sheila Lipinsky
Kelly Pearl
Shirley Pidgeon
Julie Potiker
Allison Price
Cheryl Rattner Price
Vivien Ressler
Allison Rossett
Jeri Rubin
Nina Madden Sabban
Charlene Seidle
Barbara Sherman
Karen Foster Silberman
Melanie Spiegelman
Karen Sukin
Marsha Sutton
Emma Tuttleman-Kriegler
Sophie Tuttleman
Sharon Wax
Sylvia Wechter
Helene Ziman
In Memorium

*Of Blessed Memory

Sophie Brody*
Elaine Chortek*
Pauline Foster*
Murray Galinson*
Beverly Glickman*
Craig Lambert*
Anne F. Ratner*
Elene Solomon*
Edna Tuttleman*
Jan Tuttleman*

Our JWF Founder

The Jewish Woman’s Foundation, a fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of San Diego, was established 15 years ago by the Jan Tuttleman, of blessed memory, and 12 founding members here in San Diego. Jan had a passion to support the needs of women and girls as well as their personal and professional development.

Jan provided for an endowment fund as part of her legacy plan to support the important work of the Jewish Woman’s Foundation.

Jan Tuttleman
Jan Tuttleman z”l