Jewish Community Foundation San Diego’s giv4 initiative democratizes philanthropy and helps today’s donors focus on making an impact on big issues.

Before giv4, having impact in an area like homelessness required significant resources plus countless hours of research and decision-making.

The giv4 Fund simplifies the process of giving to impactful organizations. We work with subject matter experts, to curate a fund of non-profits doing highly impactful work in a given area. Donors at any level can give to the fund and 100% of the money received is distributed to the non-profits.

As an educational and discovery platform, giv4 is not just a donation tool. We help donors learn about big, challenging issues like homelessness by telling the stories of impactful non-profits. Each one is tackling a different aspect of the problem. Our goal is to help donors understand the complexities of these tough issues and become better informed through their giving.

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Ollie Benn,
Director of Philanthropy and Social Impact