Educating and Inspiring Donors

We offer a variety of ongoing and one-time educational opportunities for donors.

These include site visits to specific nonprofits, our Access to Insight series focusing on specific societal issues and the role of philanthropy, curated reading lists, and custom research for donors.

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Ollie Benn,
Director of Philanthropy and Social Impact


Access to Insight Webinars

We provide JCF fundholders with access to social sector thought leaders and nonprofit experts on important issues. Watch our webinars below.

Access to Insight – Local Solutions to a Global Challenge
With Jason Anderson, Nicole Capretz, and Serge Dedina
Moderated by Darbi Berry
February 21, 2023

Access To Insight

Access To Insight – Famine, Food Access, and Food Waste
With Elly Brown, Abby Leibman, and Jessica Toth
Moderated by Aviva Paley
September 15, 2022

Access To Insight

Access To Insight – Jewish Poverty in San Diego
With Jessica Kort, Darren Schwartz, and Carole Yellen
April 14, 2022

Access To Insight

Access To Insight – Homelessness Myths and Real Solutions
With Laura Ann Fernea, Victor Esquivel, and Heather Lezon
January 20, 2022

Access to Insight

Access To Insight with Philanthropist Harold Grinspoon
With Harold Grinspoon and Winnie Sandler Grinspoon
November 18, 2021

Access to Insight

Access To Insight – giv4 Homelessness in San Diego
With Amy Denhart and Drew Moser
August 19, 2021

Access to Insight Videos

Newish and Jewish in California
With Rabbi Gabi Arad, Rabbi Zelig Golden, and Jenny Camhi, and facilitated by Karen Parry
May 12, 2021

Newish and Jewish in Israel
With Tamar Gil Manachem, Zipi Mizrachi, and Amy Sorensen, and facilitated by Jane Fantel
August 12, 2021

The 411 on 2-1-1 San Diego
With William York, Camey Christenson, and Jessica Peter
June 30, 2020

Access to Insight Videos

Surviving 30 Years Wrongfully on Death Row with Prayer and Dignity
With Anthony Ray Hinton and Rabbi Ron Shulman
August 10, 2020

Access to Insights

JCF and JWF present: The Journey to Women’s Suffrage
With Tina Zarpour, Ph.D., Samantha Alberts, Leilani Alontaga-Caithness, M.A., and Dr. Melissa R. Klapper
August 18, 2020

Access to Insight Videos

Elections 2020 with Voice of San Diego
With Scott Lewis, Beth Sirull, and Mark Stuart
September 9, 2020

Access to Insight Videos

End of Year Planning
With Sheryl Rowling, Daniel J. Wilson, and Sharleen Wollach
December 9, 2020

Access to Insight Videos

Schools and Mental Health
With Cindy Marten, San Diego Unified School District’s Superintendent
May 8, 2020

Access to Insight Video

The Future of Sports: No High-Fives, Empty Stadiums but Some Silver Linings
With Scott Kaplan and Jack Berkman
July 30, 2020

The Arts During a Time of Crisis
With Martha Gilmer, David Bennett, Maria Mingalone, and Todd Salovey
June 25, 2020

The Extreme Needs Among Vulnerable Populations
With Anahid Brakke, Greg Anglea, and Paul Downey
April 21, 2020

Real-time Update on the Fight to Cure the Pandemic
With Dr. Erica Ollmann Saphire
March 26, 2020

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