Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact alongside a financial return. Impact investments can be made across all asset classes and social impact areas. Three characteristics define every impact investment:


Impact investments are made intentionally to contribute social and/or environmental solutions. This distinguishes impact investing from traditional investing.

Financial Returns

Impact investments seek a financial return on capital that can range from a return of capital to risk-adjusted market rate. This distinguishes impact investing from philanthropy.

Impact Measurement

A hallmark of impact investing is the commitment of the investor to measure and report the social and environmental performance of underlying investments.

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Jeremy Pearl

Jeremy Pearl,
President and Chief Executive Officer,
Miriam and Jerome Katzin Presidential Chair


* Chart adapted from the Heron Foundation

Using your Donor Advised Fund to make an Impact Investment in San Diego and Israel

The Jewish Community Foundation San Diego provides opportunities to invest a portion of your fund for financial return and impact in San Diego. We expect to be adding opportunities in Israel in the future.

The Foundation was the first Jewish community foundation to offer an Impact Investment Pool option that is diversified across all asset classes. JCF also empowers donors to recommend impact investments to specific projects such as affordable housing, economic development, women’s empowerment and racial equity. Learn more about our impact investing opportunities in San Diego and Israel.

  • Mission Driven Finance’s Advance Strategy: Use the funds in your donor advised fund to advance economic development in San Diego’s underserved communities while you earn a financial return. Funds are lent to small businesses and nonprofits—organizations that cannot access capital from banks—with attractive rates and terms. For more information on investing in the Advance Strategy, email us.
  • Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding Investment Fund: Use funds in your donor advised fund to accelerate the construction of affordable housing in San Diego. This fund is currently closed, but check back soon for the Habitat for Humanity Homebuilding Investment Fund II.
  • Women’s Empowerment Loan Fund: Invest money from your donor advised fund to help low-income women small business owners grow their businesses and support their families in San Diego. This fund is currently closed.
Impact Investment Pool

Applies a Jewish values lens across diversified asset classes to support environmental and social impact and to support Israel while also earning a competitive financial return. The pool includes an allocation to local San Diego community development. Invest now.

Asset Class%Impact
Public Equities50%Custom screens and proxy voting. High impact from
shareholder advocacy on social, environmental, and
Israel issues
Israeli Equities5%Support for Israeli public companies
Public Debt20%Custom screens for corporate bonds. High impact from
thematic taxable munis: green, education, healthcare,
local, etc.
Israeli Debt
5%General support for the Israeli economy
Private Debt
10%High impact from community development, affordable

housing, small business, social impact bonds, microfi-
nance, Israel, etc.
Private Equity
10%High impact from funds and startups dedicated to
social and environmental impact locally, in the US,
internationally, and Israel

Learn more about the pool’s financial performance

Download December 2023 Performance Report

Additional Resources

To learn more about impact investing, visit these organizations or contact us at the Jewish Community Foundation.

Global Impact Investing Network

Provides a wealth of information across asset classes, cause areas, investor types and geographies.

The JLens Investor Network

Explores investing aligned with Jewish values and serves as the bridge between the Jewish community and the values-based impact investment movement.

A Guide to Jewish Impact Investing

Authored by JFN member and impact investor Michael Lustig, this is the first-ever guide to Jewish impact investing, investment in ventures that aim to be financially profitable while also achieving specific social or environmental goals.

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