Young Funders FAQs

Why does the Foundation run its Youth Philanthropy program?

The Foundation is committed to its mission of promoting philanthropy and increasing current and future support for a vibrant community. The Foundation recognizes that young people are philanthropists and volunteers in their own right, and that there is the opportunity to ensure that they are as effective and strategic as possible with all the skills necessary to make the biggest impact. As these young people become community leaders, their experience and expertise gained from the Youth Philanthropy program will help them guide a caring and generous community.

The Foundation established its first youth philanthropy program more than ten years ago and has served as a model for communities across the country. Our unique program that is based on student contributions and site visits is a hands-on engaging experience that is very memorable for participants.

Does my child have to be Jewish to attend?

All students must have an interest in learning about Judaism and how Jewish values related to giving, as well as be interested in visiting and supporting Jewish community organizations.

Do you provide a certificate of community service hours?

Yes, depending on the requirements of your child’s school, we will be happy to provide a letter explaining their time commitment and activities that serve as community service hours.

Do you only visit Jewish organizations?

No, we visit both Jewish and secular organizations that are meeting diverse needs in the community. The organizations change each session but in one week we might learn about homelessness, job rehabilitation, pre-schools for low income families, hospitals helping children with cancer, and a museum or theatre, all from different organizations with lessons from Judaism to connect the students to the meaning of their activities.

To learn more, please contact Ollie Benn, Director of Philanthropy and Social Impact, or call (858) 279-2740 x118.