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Meet Bryan and Sheava Wax – Fulfilling a mitzvah for menstruators experiencing homelessness

Meet Bryan and Sheava Wax – Fulfilling a mitzvah for menstruators experiencing homelessness

Just one year ago, Sheava and Bryan Wax were looking to support hygiene products for homeless women. With help from the Jewish Community Foundation (JCF), this goal became a reality.

JCF provided curated research to Sheava and Bryan focused on an organization called Fulfilling Destiny. Founded by Eya Touglo, in a voluntary capacity, during her last semester at San Diego State University. Eya was researching a topic for a persuasive speech and taking advice from her professor. She decided to do her speech on homeless women and feminine hygiene. While undergoing the research, Eya was unable to identify any shelter or organization in San Diego that provided feminine hygiene products for homeless women. Eya ended up doing her persuasive speech on another topic, but never forgot about this enormous and unmet need.

In September of 2017, Eya founded Fulfilling Destiny to help bring Dignity back to all women in need of necessary feminine hygiene products.

Fulfilling Destiny distributes “dignity bags” that comprise of a one-month supply of feminine hygiene products, including pads or tampons and liners. A grant of $2,500 allows them to supply 758 Dignity Bags. On behalf of the Wax’s, JCF requested a proposal from Fulfilling Destiny to present the organizations immediate funding needs. Sheava and Bryan responded quickly, providing both an impactful grant and a connection to a local supplier that provided these products at a significant discount, doubling their impact.

The Bryan and Sheava Wax Community Fund provided a grant that served many menstruators, including foster youth and students experiencing homelessness. Their enormous generosity allowed the organization to purchase menstrual products at the manufacturing price, this enabled them to increase the number of products included in the Dignity Bags. This grant served over 2,000 menstruators with Dignity Bags, creating a real impact amongst women living on the streets of San Diego County, Chula Vista, El Cajon, Santee, in women’s shelters, domestic violence survivor’s shelters, students, and more.

JCF connected Bryan and Sheava to an organization that matched their special interests and passion. Perhaps they can do the same for you and your family?

Eya Touglo of Fulfilling Destiny
Eya Touglo of Fulfilling Destiny delivering "Dignity Bags"