GLI Resources

The Jewish Community Foundation is pleased to provide suggestions for and access to resources in the community.


The Jewish Community Foundation has found BoardSource to be an excellent resource to all nonprofits. BoardSource is a nationally recognized organization that increases the effectiveness of nonprofit organizations by strengthening boards of directors through its acclaimed consulting practice, publications, tools, and membership program.

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University of San Diego’s Annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium

University of San Diego’s Institute for Nonprofit Education and Research educates nonprofit community leaders through academic excellence, applied learning and research. ELI organizations may participate in USD’s annual Nonprofit Governance Symposium, which is partially supported by the Jewish Community Foundation.

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Nonprofit Management Solutions, San Diego

Nonprofit Management Solutions is the chief provider of management and technology consulting, training, and information resources to nonprofit organizations in San Diego.

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Suggested Reading

Built to Last
Jim Collins / Jerry Porras
HarperCollins Publishers

Extraordinary Board Leadership
Doug Eadie
Aspen Publishers, Inc.

Good to Great
Jim Collins
HarperCollins Publishers

Governance as Leadership
Chait, Ryan and Taylor

The Governance Series

The Leadership Engine
Noel Tichy
HarperCollins Publishers

The Living Company
Arie De Geus
Harvard Business School Press

Nonprofit Boards Roles, Responsibilities and Performance
Diane Duca
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

The Source12: Twelve Principles of Governance that Power Exceptional Boards

The Strategic Board
Mark Light
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.