John and Cathy Weil

“From generation to generation”…Each of our families, though immigrants from different European communities and in different eras, benefited from a strong sense of Jewish community. Each passed on a compelling sense of pride in the American Jewish tradition to subsequent generations. Both the Bornstein/Schwabacher/Weil’s and the Yaffe/Magid’s felt an emotional attachment to their Jewish roots and participated in numerous Jewish organizations and “causes.” They passed on the recognition and remembrance of what great value there is in preserving the Jewish legacy and collective spirit in the Diaspora. We recognize and were touched by that transcendent commitment to our enduring family and community identity when our daughter Jamie Babin chose Judaic Studies as one of her college majors. Her intent was to share a communal experience of “living Judaism” on campus and to be a well-educated Jewish mother for her children.

It is a blessing now for our family to join together to honor their challenges and recognize their struggles to preserve Jewish heritage and community spirit, often in difficult times. We treasure their memory and achievements and looking back with awe, reflecting on where we have been, and looking forward to what we can become.