Howard and Diane Schachat

Approaching Rosh Hashanah 5772, we once again reflect on who we are, how we might improve ourselves and find ways to ensure that our connection to Jewish roots remains strong and deep. We are grateful for our health and blessings; for Ryan’s marriage to beautiful Lisa this year; for our parents, siblings and friends; and for the Shul we attend. We also remember those who impacted our lives and are no longer with us, particularly Howard’s father Harry and grandmother Rebecca as well as Diane’s grandmothers Naomi and Rachel, and aunt Avrille, z”l, all of whom instilled in us Jewish values of love, generosity and kindness, and ultimately inspired us to contribute to our Jewish community and sign the Book of Life. We hope that our contribution, in its own small way, will help strengthen the Jewish Life of San Diego for many generations to come.