We no longer have immediate family in San Diego County. So, our friends and fellow congregants became our de facto San Diego family. Tifereth Israel Synagogue has nicely filled that gap for us for almost forty years. We both feel very strongly that Tifereth Israel very much needs to be around, long after we’re both gone, to do the same for others who now have, and for those who might, in the future, have similar circumstances.

The best and most certain way to see that Tifereth Israel is financially sustained in the future, is through the Endowment Fund. Having risen through the leadership to be President for three years, I really, and very deeply, learned the importance and value of a robust Endowment for the synagogue. It most certainly is the gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.

We don’t know what the two of us would do, or where we would be, without Tifereth Israel being a major part of our lives these four decades.

Therefore, it is our great honor to be part of the shul’s Chevrat Bonim program, helping to ensure that Tifereth Israel will be around, well into the future, to benefit the San Diego Jewish community.