Our Synagogue has been a strong influence on our family’s religious beliefs and practices since we moved to San Diego from Los Angeles in 1963. Although Rory grew up in an active Jewish home, attending Sunday school and observing all the holidays, Mel’s family was not affiliated with a congregation and they did not regularly observe the holidays. But belonging to Tifereth really helped make Judaism an important part of our family’s life.

Mel served on the Board as Treasurer for several years and Rory, in addition to being involved in a variety of Sisterhood activities including managing the gift shop as well as baking and cooking for Shabbat, also served as President of the Synagogue for two terms. During our 49 years of marriage, we have also celebrated many life cycle events at Tifereth, such as the births of our three daughters; their religious education including Bat Mitzvahs; the marriage of two of our daughters and the birth of three grandchildren.

Through our association with Tifereth, our family’s connection to Judaism has continued to grow down through the generations. Our daughters’ families both belong to Jewish congregations in their local cities and each of their children have become a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our grandchildren regularly volunteer their time helping at Sunday school and tutoring other children in Hebrew.

The importance of Judaism in our family has led us to the decision to leave a legacy to Tifereth Israel Synagogue. By making this commitment, we are contributing to the survival, growth and future of our Jewish community.