I was born in London, England to an Orthodox family, and my father manufactured Kosher wines, so we were quite well known. The men went to shul every Friday night, and my family went to shul together every Saturday morning. I sat upstairs with my mother, while my father and my husband sat downstairs with the other men.

My husband and I were married in February of 1946, and we moved to the United States later that year. We traveled a lot as my husband was with the United States Diplomatic Corp. We lived in London for four years, Munich, Germany for four years, and Geneva, Switzerland for two years. We always belonged to a shul and had my son take Hebrew lessons. When we finally returned to the United States we lived in Florida, where my son became a bar mitzvah.

I made this Legacy to honor my parents and thank them for the good Jewish life they instilled in me. I hope that Temple Adat Shalom will continue to grow, and that the young people will learn the importance of their shul.