Lynn Schenk and Rachel Peniche

As the daughter of a Holocaust survivor (my father), who along with my mother, lost many dozens of close relatives, I was raised with the implicit question of why my parents survived, and, thus, my responsibilities during my lifetime. I was raised by my parents and maternal grandmother to honor the memories of those who perished by living a life of purpose and TIKUN OLAM. I have tried by leading many battles against injustices, especially fights for equality for women in the law, in finance, in society. Much of my life has been in service to my state and my country.

Through it all, it is my Judaism that sustains me. My religion, my culture as a Jew, informs all i do. Therefore, my late beloved husband, C. Hugh Friedman and I helped bring Temple Beth El to La Jolla and help found Congregation Beth Am. 40 years ago we were blessed with the opportunity to bring a Holocaust surviving Torah to Beth Am for future generations to connect with our rich heritage. Through the JCF, I have created the Congregation Beth Am Endowment Fund and leave gifts to it in my estate, along with gifts to Jewish Family Services, JCF, and other Jewish organizations. It is truly a matter of great satisfaction that I can contribute to many Jewish philanthropies through my donor advised fund. My nephew, nieces and step granddaughter will continue this after I am gone. L’Dor v Dor.