Karen and TJ Parry

Giving back has always been an integral part of our upbringing. From always finding ways to donate clothes or household items to scrapping together money to give to organizations that they cared about, both sets of our parents taught us the value of tzedakah from a very young age. Watching Emily grow, we’ve committed and prioritized raising her with that same value and watching her also find joy in caring for others is a gift we cherish.

We are committed to leaving a Jewish legacy because the San Diego Jewish community has been a part of our story since the very beginning. Growing up here, Karen received incredible opportunities thanks to the generosity of others – from camp to religious school to Hillel and more. T.J. and Karen met at the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center and have found deep community in the relationships they’ve formed there. We are proud and honored to be a part of the Jewish community’s legacy program and look forward to seeing the seeds we plant today enrich all of our tomorrows.