Whether you believe in the Jewish dictum: “Kol Yisrael Arevim Zeh la Zeh” or “Zeh ba Zeh”, it remains that all Jews are responsible to or for each other. This is the lesson we learned growing up in our privileged, Jewish, South African community, and one we wish to pass on to our beloved children, Greg and Jackie, their future families, and the wonderful San Diego community who became our mishpochah too.

As descendents of Latvian and Lithuanian immigrants, we were taught the values of building and giving back to a cohesive community, supporting family, friends and those less fortunate than ourselves, commitment to Zionism and to Israel, ensuring a rich Jewish education, practicing principles of yiddishkeit, and honoring those survivors and brave Jews who paved the way for our strong Jewish identity and Jewish cultural continuity.

By signing this Book of Life, we hope to pass on this legacy of never forgetting our past, building the rich diversity that is South African/American Jewry today, and striving for a healthy, happy, prosperous, peaceful, future for all – Kol Yisrael.