I am thrilled to have the opportunity to join the Legacy Circle and sign the Book of Life because I am eternally grateful and appreciative to Adat Yeshurun and Jewish communities around the world. I first came to Adat because when my father visited me in San Diego, shortly after losing my mom, he felt instantly welcomed and at home davening with Rabbi and the daily minyan. The family of Adat readily absorbed and engaged my dad, and it eased his loneliness and helped him through his grief. I began attending each Shabbat with him, and when he returned to New York, I felt so much a part of this shul that I joined and became active on committees as well as attending classes to stretch and grow in my own observance. Since then I have had the delightful opportunities to accept kind invitations for Shabbat dinners, lunches and community festivities. It is a very special group, filled with love, purpose and Yiddishkeit previously unknown to me. I proudly join the Legacy Circle and sign the Book of Life so that future generations can celebrate their unique attachment to Judaism and experience this encompassing and unique community. Thank you.