My maternal Grandparents came from a shtetl in Romania where Grandpa Leibowitz was a farmer. He left his pregnant wife, Lena, four other brothers and two sisters in 1911 to come to New York seeking freedom. After sending for Lena he proceeded to bring each family member over one by one. My mother, Jessica, was the oldest of three sisters, all born in America. Grandpa Leibowitz set the benchmark for so many of my basic beliefs. A love of country, of service and respect for all peoples, a belief in the goodness of people and above all the importance of family and the handing down to future generations the moral, educational and family values as taught by Judaism.

Julie’s Grandparents came from Hungary and Russia. Her Father Martin Friedenberg, a physician, was a true Patriarch whose gentle nature was loved by patients, friends and family. His wife Rose, his children Julie, Tess Tessler, Linda Bjork, and Andy Friedenberg remember him with loving thoughts.

It is our hope and prayer that our five children Jessica Friedman, Darryn Lowenstein, Mitchell Berner, Kevin Berner and Tracy Cohen teach their children Tzedakah, personal and social responsibility, love of our country in spite of its faults, love of learning and education, love of family and friendships, and an understanding of all the beautiful wisdom contained in the teachings of Judaism.