We made our decision – to donate all of our estate upon our deaths – with L’Dor v’Dor uppermost in our minds because in 2013 we lost our beloved daughter Rachel Gabriele to leukemia at the age of 34. In her short life she was a high achiever, especially in her life as a working and award-winning artist. She had also worked very hard to help arrange for Ethiopian Jews to reach Eretz Israel which they did (via Operation Moses) by the thousands just a few days before her own Bat Mitzvah in 1991. We were all thrilled seeing imperiled Jews reach our Homeland. Rachel expressed great pride in her Jewishness, and believed as a good Jew, that education is perhaps the most important value adults can pass on to youngsters.

So, we made our decision fully cognizant that not only was this something Larry and I wanted to do but also that Rachel would, with great love in her heart, approve of our choice. We direct our gift to the IDF IMPACT program, which can affect Ethiopians’ entire families and allows individuals to move up significantly in the IDF, a crucial way for them to become successful and contributive Israeli citizens. In addition, we have decided to make our Legacy Plan more inclusive by including the ACHOTENU Program, which is a fast-track nursing program administered by Hadassah and Hebrew University. Whereas the IMPACT Program generally benefits Ethiopian-Israeli men, the ACHOTENU Program generally benefits Ethiopian-Israeli women. It is very important to us that given the very difficult transition Ethiopian Jews have encountered in both making aliyah to Israel and then “fitting in,” that we contribute what we can to their professional training so that both women and men can advance in these essential fields. Our donations should help sustain and improve their professional standing and enable their progress as they learn to become more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

I grew up in a Conservative home and have always known the value of Tzedaka; Larry is a fully welcomed MOT having completed his conversion. He had discussed converting with Rachel who happily agreed with his decision. So, we feel she has joined us in our efforts to sustain the Ethiopian community in their long-term contribution to Israeli society.