For me, one of the real pleasures in life is being Jewish and giving back; and having a husband that is loving and generous is another.

Having not endured the horror of being in a camp, I still feel like a survivor. At the end of 1942 my 7 months pregnant mother left Gdansk (Danzig) on a freighter to Sweden. I was born on the lower deck in the middle of the Baltic Sea. We lived in Sweden until 1947 with a lovely Swedish family. My first language was Swedish. My mother had learned that her sister and brother perished in camps and that her husband was never found. However, she did find her childhood friend who helped her escape with the Jewish Underground, now living in Germany.

After many years living in L.A. and retiring, I moved to San Diego where I met my loving husband David Koplar and got married after 20 years of being a widow. We met on “Our Time” a dating site. I was now looking for something meaningful. The wonderful Kelli at “Seacrest At Home” contacted and hired me. I was thrilled and thankful!!! The comfort of taking care of “my people” and anyone in need of care and love gave me the greatest joy. I always felt that I was the one on the receiving end. “Seacrest and “Seacrest At Home” is such a special place and treats everyone equally with gentleness, kindness and most of all respect.

It made me proud to be part of this beautiful organization and be a caregiver with love and compassion to wonderful human beings, some sadly gone, some still around. This “love service” has enriched my life and hopefully others.