We grew up in New York City, where Jewish was so pervasive that you never talked about it. It was in the air, the food, the water, the culture. In 1976 we moved to San Diego. For the first time in our lives we had to find Jewish. Needless to say, it was not easily found and we felt disconnected and different for the first time in our lives. Thank goodness we did finally connect with the Jewish community. It has been the focus of our lives for the last 20 years. It is where we feel we have really made a difference in so many ways. We feel blessed to have had the opportunities we have had, locally and overseas. We discovered the meaning and importance of Community.

We are sad that our children will probably not return to San Diego to participate in this wonderful community that we feel that we have played a significant role in building. Fortunately, others will have the opportunity. We wish to leave a legacy so that they will be aware of how important community building is. We also want them to know that tzedakah was an important part of our lives.
It is only through the continuity of the generations and the building of community that we will survive.