Investment Pools FAQ

How many investment choices are available?

The Foundation provides a pooled investment program, which offers professional management and diversification. There are currently four investment choices to meet philanthropic objectives. More details are available in our Investment Pools Guide.

How are changes made to the investment pools?

The Investment Committee, along with the Foundation’s investment consultant, actively monitor asset allocation and manager performance to ensure that the pools continue to meet their objectives. If necessary, changes may be made in response to manager underperformance, new research, market conditions or other factors.

What are the major differences between the Long Term Pool and the Endowment Pool?

The Jewish Community Foundation offers two long-term fund choices to our donors and agencies.  The Long Term Pool offers broad diversification and is designed to support annual distributions of 5 percent, while maintaining the principal for inflation. The Endowment Pool is designed for donors or nonproifts with endowment-like objectives (20+ year horizons). It includes alternative investments for even greater diversification and risk reduction over very long periods.

May I recommend changes to my fund’s investments?

Yes. Please access your fund using the button at left and use our Allocation Change Form to recommend changes. We process changes at least twice each month.

Can I invest my fund in more than one pool?

Yes. However, it is important to note that each one of the pools is designed for a particular timeframe and objective. It may be appropriate to split your fund if you have more than one objective. For example, you may be planning to distribute a large percentage of your fund in the short term while retaining the balance to support smaller grants over the long term. In this case, you may choose to allocate your planned short term grants to the Short Term Pool while allocating the remaining balance to one of our longer term pools.

How can I monitor fund performance?

Detailed quarterly statements are mailed around the 20th of the month following the end of each calendar quarter. These statements include historical performance and asset allocation information. The Quarterly Performance is available within Donor Central. Log into your account in the yellow box in the left column of any page on our Web site to access that information.

Please contact Jeremy Pearl, Chief Financial Officer, for more information.