Mandate, Objectives and Program


During the last several years, San Diego’s Jewish community has built a magnificent infrastructure. Vibrant, quality programs engage, educate, and care for Jews from every walk of life. Modern new facilities house our synagogues, schools, and community center. Dedicated professional and lay leaders oversee current operations and develop priorities and strategies for the future.

While we have much to celebrate, we must also accept that many in our community are aging, and the transfer of wealth to the younger generation is well underway. The ELI program enables the community to seize the opportunity and potential to ensure its long-term stability and vibrancy.

In our work with donors, we have found that many people hesitate to give large gifts during their lifetimes, yet enjoy leaving bequests through their wills or trusts. Through the ELI program, we have witnessed scores of new — often major — bequests from people of seemingly modest means.



The ELI curriculum emphasizes the importance of organizations building positive, trusting relationships with donors. These relationships can help donors achieve their charitable goals by providing long-term support for the organizations they love.

The ELI program includes:

The Foundation has engaged national consultants and local experts to lead training sessions in these areas: