Know. Act. Give. Covid-19

Know Act Give Covid-19

With guidance from state and local officials as well as input from our local community, the Jewish Community Foundation has established funds to address the multi-faceted needs resulting from the COVID-19 crisis.

Public Health and Serving Vulnerable Populations
San Diego Jewish Community COVID-19 Emergency Fund

The Covid-19 Crisis and the San Diego Jewish Community: Six Months In
with Pam Ferris, Michael Hopkins, and Betzy Lynch – Plus, an inspirational message for the High Holidays from Rabbi Simcha Weiser
September 10, 2020
The Extreme Needs Among Vulnerable Populations
with Anahid Brakke, Greg Anglea, and Paul Downey
April 21, 2020
San Diego Jewish Community COVID-19 Emergency Fund Update
with Beth Sirull, Darren Schwartz, Charlene Seidle, and Sharleen Wollach
April 6, 2020