Donor Advised Fund

The easy way to carry out your philanthropic vision.

With a minimum gift of $1,800, you can open a Donor Advised Fund and begin recommending grants starting as low as $100. A Donor Advised Fund allows donors to direct all of their charitable contributions through one personal philanthropic account. Upon giving to the fund, donors receive immediate tax benefits and may support nonprofits of their choice anytime in the future.

Click here for our video: What is a Donor Advised Fund?

One-Stop Shop: Use Funds for all charitable giving – in San Diego, nationally, Israel and overseas; Jewish and secular.
Cost-Effectiveness: A Fund is less expensive to create and operate than a private foundation and offers greater tax benefits.
Extend Your Impact: While funds are held at JCF, donors can select investment pools and possibly increase funds tax-free.
Service: We assist with nonprofit research, gift agreements, family philanthropy meetings, site visits, legacy planning and more.

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“It doesn’t matter what income level or stage of life you are in, the Foundation just makes it so easy to give back.” Graeme Gabriel

Graeme and Simone Gabriel

Foundation Fund Holders Since 2006

We moved back to San Diego in 2001, from Washington, D.C. We came back to be near our families who have all been active in the Jewish community for many years. I grew up in Congregation Beth El, and when I returned I joined the building committee in order to get involved. The Foundation was such a great partner in the synagogue’s building process. I saw how helpful and professional the staff were no matter how small or large the task. I was very impressed.

“Whatever the Foundation does, it’s always first class.” Ed Samiljan*

Rae and Ed* Samiljan

Foundation Fund Holders Since 1994

It’s simple. It’s easy. It’s tax-wise. Rae and I started a fund at the Foundation, because all of our friends trusted the Foundation with their charitable funds. It was an excellent decision. I have full confidence in the Foundation staff; whatever it is, it always gets done right.

We also have our fund there, because the Foundation holds Jewish community assets and always assists us with new information that is relevant to our giving.

“For us, the Jewish Community Foundation is the full package: a service, an education and a community.” Jessica Pressman

Jessica Pressman and Brad Lupien

Foundation Fund Holders Since 2012

We opened a Jewish Community Foundation fund because we want an education in giving. We recognize that we need to learn how to find and research worthy organizations, how to think about philanthropy (that is not limited to writing a check) and how to join a community of givers. We hope that we will one day have more to give, but for now, we are getting educated and situated in the giving world and in San Diego.

To learn more about Donor Advised Funds, please visit our FAQs page or call 858-279-2740.