Cheryl Rattner Price

We are very blessed to have been able to send our kids to San Diego Jewish Academy. In 2002, I donated my ceramics studio and tile inventory to SDJA and was given the honorary position as Artist in Residence. My life took a direction which allowed for my deepest loves, that of art and Jewish learning, to be seamlessly combined. Together with 200 families we created a 10 foot free-standing mosaic menorah. Next came Zikaron V’Tikvah, The Butterfly Project, an artistic memorial now in multiple locations using the symbol of a ceramic butterfly to memorialize the 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust and honor the survivors.

I am motivated deeply by memories of my grandparents and parents who were proud to be Jewish but struggled to define why Judaism mattered.

I came to realize that Jewish identity and survival are very central themes in my life. The quality of Jewish education available today really inspires me and I know only some of us take a drink; and I hope to spread that spark somehow, because if it could happen to me it could happen to anyone.

I am grateful for the Agency for Jewish Education programs, and my role as a Board Member, involved with others creating Jewish-based learning.

Also, it is so important and urgent to be able to stand tall with dignity as a Jew and I am excited to be involved with the ADL Anti-Defamation League.

I realized the time is now to give back to the community that has so supported us. I am grateful to be able to step out and show the power of Tzedakah to my daughters, Emily and Julia. L’Dor v’Dor… we do make a difference when we work together to build a strong community.