Brian and Suzanne Marcus

Knowing from whence we came dictates where we are going. We value the miracle that Hashem has blessed the Jewish people to have survived the millennia. We appreciate that our families have remained faithful to our people in gifting us this rich heritage. We believe that it is our duty to leave the world better than we found it and all that we own is given to us in trust from Hashem. Tzedakah is a duty and privilege of being Jewish; and giving benefits the giver more than the receiver.

Our parents and grandparents came from Eastern Europe and England with a strong faith to make a new life for themselves in South Africa and we similarly uprooted ourselves as a young couple, to settle in our new homeland, the USA, in 1977. Since coming to the USA, the Jewish communities of Dallas and San Diego have been our extended family and we see it as our obligation to give back. We came with a great appreciation of the freedom and liberties afforded in the USA, while realizing the importance of identifying strongly with our Jewish heritage. We were blessed to raise three healthy daughters who call America their home.

Our message to future generations is to always live life to the fullest with an open heart and inquiring mind. Grandfather Marcus was a simple tailor in Cape Town from Mir in Poland, a pious and generous man, who always reminded his children and grandchildren, as we would like to remind our progeny, that the most valuable possession a person has as a legacy is a good name.

As it says in Pirkei Avot: The world rests on three pillars: Torah (learning and the law), Avodah (prayer and duties) and Gemilut Chasadim (Acts of kindness). This message, and a good name, is the legacy that we would like to leave.